Re: Same-document reference

On Monday 27 August 2001 08:15, Christian Geuer-Pollmann wrote:
> just for clarification of what a same-document-Reference is: If I verify a
> ds:Signature which was in the Resource
> and this ds:Signature contains this ds:Reference:
> <Reference URI="" />
> , this is _not_ a same-document reference, even if it points to the same
> signature file, correct?

Correct. It fails to meet the following definition:
4.2. Same-document References

   A URI reference that does not contain a URI is a reference to the
   current document.  In other words, an empty URI reference within a
   document is interpreted as a reference to the start of that document,
   and a reference containing only a fragment identifier is a reference
   to the identified fragment of that document.  Traversal of such a
   reference should not result in an additional retrieval action.

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