Re: Schema Validation Transform

On Monday 27 August 2001 20:21, Dournaee, Blake wrote:
> I see no qualifier (REQUIRED, RECOMMENDED, OPTIONAL) for the schema
> validation transform that is mentioned in the latest PR for XML Dsig. What
> is the status of this? Did I just miss it?

No ... I suppose it isn't right not to have some label on it, but I wouldn't 
even call it  OPTIONAL. Or it's no more OPTIONAL than the many other 
transforms out there that we didn't specify, I just realized we needed some 
text to make it clear what is involved with schema validation since it was a 
confusing FAQ. But I didn't want to hitch advancement of xmldsig to the 
interop of schema.

I suppose our options are:
1. Remove the text.
2. Make it clearer that it's merely informational.
3. Call it OPTIONAL and get an interop on schema validated processing; the 
odd thing is if the validator is implemented correctly it will have no affect 
in almost all cases. It's the non-compliant validators that cause the 
problem, and it doesn't seem right to make interoperable schema validation a 
milestone for xmldsig.
4. Call it NOT RECOMMENDED *unless* you are sure you are using conformant 

Given the state of schema implementation, I think I favor 4.

Received on Tuesday, 28 August 2001 14:20:03 UTC