RE: Questions about c14n implementation

Hi Gregor,

>> >> 2. Question: How did you check the 3rd processor requirement:
>> >> "Implementations MUST NOT be implemented with an XML parser that
>> >> converts relative URIs to absolute URIs." . How should a parser (like
>> >> Xerces) convert a URI? Does a parser understands what a URI is?
>> Question to IBM and IAIK: How did you test this behaviour?
> Our C14n implementation scans through all namespace nodes of the input
> nodeset and tests if any of them has a relative URI as its value. If
> yes, a C14N exception will be thrown.

Yes, I do so, too. BTW, only in the input nodeset of in the complete 

I thought about the 3rd processor requirement in [1], not the one about 
relative NS URIs (the 2nd requirement) , but about conversion of general 
URIs (what ever this is).



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