Re: How to multi-sign?


Not sure why you see this as a problem.  For protocol type
applications, your protocol message can contain as many signature
elements as you need, each signing whatever data elements and/or other
signature elements that are appropriate. If you have a document
application where you want to put all the signatures inside the
document and have each sign the "whole" document, then each signature
needs appropriate transforms carving out at least itself and all
signatures to be added after it...


From:  "john" <>(by way of Joseph Reagle <>)
Date:  Thu, 23 Aug 2001 11:12:45 -0400
To:  XML Signature WG <>
Message-Id:  <>

>Dear xmldsig WG,
>    After reviewing RFC 3075:XML-Signature Syntax and Processing, I don't
> think it can process a multi-signature which requires several signatories
> signing the same document. Can xmldsig do that?
>                                                            John m.j.

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