RE: Question for Implementors (Was: Schema Validation Transform)


we (IAIK) have not yet implemented XML and schema validation transform.


BTW: Reading sections 6.6.6 and 6.6.7 of [1], a lot of questions emerge:

(1) In section 6.6.6 it states: "If the input is an XPath node-set, this
    node-set must be serialized first." An explicit statement how to 
    perform this serialization is missing here. Should Canonical XML
    be used therefore?

(2) The other question is, if it makes sence to perform a XML validation
    transform at all, if the input is an XPath node set. Since the XPath
    data model does not know about a DTD information item, I am not sure
    what effects a validation transform should have in such a case?

(3) I am not sure what should be the result of the XML schema validation
    transfrom. The text in section 6.6.7 only says: "that the document
    should be processed according to information within the resource 
    being transformed." But what does this mean? Should the PSVI mapped
    to the output XPath node set?


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> Implementors,
> Have any of you implemented DTD or schema validation as an explicit 
> transform? (I understand that not everyone will want to, but 
> we've learned 
> for those plan on using schema validation [1] or DTD validation [2], we 
> need an explicit transform identifier, which means, even if 
> option, we need 
> two independent implementations.)
> If not, will you soon? Is there something in the specification you are 
> having difficulty with?
> (Also, note, if you haven't been following the list closely, 
> we're likely to tweak the DNAME encoding 
> slightly [3]).
> [1]
> [2]
> [3] 

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