Python Canonical XML


The three important files are:
    The c14n module.
    Definitions of namespaces and their URIs.
    Examples from the spec and XPath call for nodelist

#! /usr/bin/env python
'''XML Canonicalization

This module generates canonical XML of a document or element.
and includes a prototype of exclusive canonicalization

This is based on Rich Salz's element node canonicalization which was
extended to support document node canonicalization. It also now
supports XPath subset node list canonicalization. However it presently
doesn't support:
     1. Unicode -- not sure how to get eg6 to work correctly in python. 

Furthermore, it includes the following bugs thought to be in the DOM
implementation Ft.Lib.pDomlette: (Reagle)
     1. does not white space normalize attributes of type NMTOKEN and ID?
     2. seems to be include "\n" after importing external entities?

     "Joseph M. Reagle Jr." <>
     "Rich Salz" <>

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Joseph Reagle Jr.       
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