Re: Editorial problem in Section 4.2 of digital signature spec

     This may not be perfectly stated, but its intent is not that obscure.
A better way of putting it might be: "While we specify two SignatureMethod
algorithms, one mandatory and one optional to implement, user specified
algorithms may be used as SignatureMethod algorithms instead."

          Tom Gindin

Elliotte Rusty Harold <> on 07/15/2001
12:11:32 PM

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Subject:  Editorial problem in Section 4.2 of digital signature spec

In the first paragraph of Section 4.2 of the 4/19 draft, the following
sentence appears:

While we specify a mandatory and optional to implement SignatureMethod
algorithms, user specified algorithms are permitted.

It is not at all clear what this sentence means. It appears to be
grammatically incorrect and may be a typo. I cannot suggest how to fix it,
because I do not understand what it's trying to say, but I'm pretty sure it
is somehow wrong.

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