Interruptions of Service

Things have been a little hectic with systems the past week:

Last week: my system crashed and Red Code interfered with services on MIT's 

This week: a transformer in Tech Square arc'd and melted (that's what I hear) 
depriving the CS and AI Labs of power for two days!

Today: We've heard that because of the extreme temperatures, half of 
Cambridge is without power and Tech Square might be hit again!

Consequently, if you've encountered disruption with W3C services or haven't 
heard a response back from me please (1) if you're patient wait a few days 
and hopefully bouncing or held emails will work there way out of the system, 
or (2) resend.

(BTW: I'll be on holiday Mon/Tues which might be another reason I don't 
respond in a timely manner, but I hope by end of next week everything will 
have settled and I'll be caught up on anything I missed.)

Received on Thursday, 9 August 2001 14:21:29 UTC