Re: W3C Proposed Recommendation:

Hi Joseph,

Two comments:

4.4.4 The X509Data Element (dname encoding)

I'd possibly suggest that instead of "compliant with RFC2253", we use
the text "compliant with the subset of RFC2253 described below" or
somesuch, because RFC2253 allows encodings that are not permitted
by the text that we have.

Is it intended that space be considered an ASCII control character; if
not, I'd suggest the text "\00-\1f inclusive".

In this case, leading and trailing ' ' should be escaped. If we want
to allow leading and trailing whitespace to be trimmed from dname
text nodes then we also need to state that a "\ " occuring at the
end of a dname must be replaced by "\20".

6.6.6 (always fortuitous to see) Schema Validation

You have some text relating to XSLT at the end of the first paragraph.



>We're now at PR; Don and I are sending the new ietf-draft in and hopefully 
>we'll be able to get approval to publish it as a Draft Standard in the same 
>time frame as the W3C Advisory Committee Review and Director decision.
>My only concern is that I've introduced little editorial errors into the 
>document so this is our last chance to catch them before we're done! <smile/>

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