RE: W3C Proposed Recommendation:


> 4.4.4 The X509Data Element (dname encoding)
> I'd possibly suggest that instead of "compliant with RFC2253", we use
> the text "compliant with the subset of RFC2253 described below" or
> somesuch, because RFC2253 allows encodings that are not permitted
> by the text that we have.
> Is it intended that space be considered an ASCII control character; if
> not, I'd suggest the text "\00-\1f inclusive".
> In this case, leading and trailing ' ' should be escaped. If we want
> to allow leading and trailing whitespace to be trimmed from dname
> text nodes then we also need to state that a "\ " occuring at the
> end of a dname must be replaced by "\20".

To avoid all these distinctions I included the space character in the
specified range of ASCII control characters ("\00-\20"). I would prefer
to keep it as it is. 

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Received on Tuesday, 28 August 2001 07:32:29 UTC