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(fonts) MTX skepticism

:parent and previous siblings selectors

@font-face and unicode-range

[css2.1] eliminating arbitrary back-up in lexical rules

[CSS21] 15.3 font-family: undefined keywords

[CSS21] Bibliography typos

[css21] Computed value of percentage table row heights

[CSS21] Feedback hyperlink: append subject

[CSS21] percentage values of 'top'

[CSS21] spellings used in specification

[CSS21] Typos in Section serif

[css2] Height of Table Row Group

[css3-2d-transforms] Various spec comments

[css3-background] 'border-radius' and 'overflow'

[css3-background] CSS Image Replacement

[css3-background] Glossary

[css3-background] Issues open for feedback

[css3-columns] Ambiguous term "constrained" for column-fill

[css3-flexbox] 'display:box' is not defined

[css3-fonts] Quoted font family names

[css3-fonts] Usefulness of 'unicode-range'

[css3-gcpm] new editor's draft

[css3-images] The image fallback syntax + new image types

[css3-lists] filled-circled-decimal can have 0-10 too

[css3-mediaqueries] 'only'/'not' with omitted media type

[css3-mediaqueries] <resolution>

[css3-mediaqueries] Syntax connecting MQ to CSS 2.1

[css3-mediaqueries] width/height and viewport scrollbars

[css3-multicol] Ambiguous term "constrained" for column-fill

[css3-multicol] column-span property

[css3-multicol] new draft: pseudo-algorithm updated, new example

[css3-multicol] page-break-inside and columns

[css3-multicol] Pseudo-algorithm feedback

[css3-selectors] Case sensitivity

[css3-text] text-overflow and vertical overflow

[css3-transitions] animation of shadows

[css3-transitions] suppression of transition starting, inheritance

[css3-transitions] transition properties should apply to all elements

[css3-transitions] transitions and rendering objects vs. DOM nodes

[CSSWG] Minutes 2009-06-04 Part III: CSS2.1 Grammar Issues, IPTV liaison

[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions 2009-04-08

[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions 2009-05-20

[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions 2009-06-24

[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions Telecon 2009-05-27

[CSSWG] Minutes F2F 2009-06-03 Part I: Testing

[CSSWG] Minutes F2F 2009-06-03 Part II: Scheduling, Website, text-overflow, DoC format

[CSSWG] Minutes F2F 2009-06-03 Part III: Multi-col, Abandoned Drafts, Splitting border-image

[CSSWG] Minutes F2F 2009-06-04 Part I: GCPM, Flexbox

[CSSWG] Minutes F2F 2009-06-04 Part II: vertical-align ambiguities, Paged Media

[CSSWG] Minutes F2F 2009-06-05 Part I: SVG Properties, Fonts

[CSSWG] Minutes F2F 2009-06-05 Part II: Grid, Templates, and other coarse layout systems

[CSSWG] Minutes F2F 2009-06-05 Part III: CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders

[CSSWG] Minutes, 01 April 2009 CSSWG telcon

[CSSWG] Minutes, 18 March 2009 CSSWG telcon

[CSSWG] Minutes, 25 March 2009 telcon

[CSSWG] Summary and Resolutions June 2009 F2F Part I: Testing, Liaisons, and Administrivia

[CSSWG] Summary and Resolutions June 2009 F2F Part II: Spec Issues

[CSSWG] Summary and Resolutions June 2009 F2F Part III: More Spec Discussions

[OpenType] advanced font features in CSS

[whatwg] New work on fonts at W3C

advanced font features in CSS

an easy(?) font solution

Background position


bolder/lighter redefinition

border-image masking/hiding box-shadow

border-images with hollow center

civility ruling, please RE: (fonts) MTX skepticism

Computed Value of properties in splitted elements (was: [css3-transitions] transitions and rendering objects vs. DOM nodes)

controlling digits substitution in IE/FF (Arabic/Hindi/Decimal)

CSS encoding detection and GSM 03.30

CSS encoding detection and GSM 03.38 [Was: CSS encoding detection and GSM 03.30]

Font mailing list <www-font@w3.org> reactivated

font proposal bogosities

Fonts Formats are Off-Topic

Fonts WG Charter feedback

Image sprites

Mixing ::outside and ::footnote-call pseudo-elements

Moving forward on a Vertical Align Issue.

New work on fonts at W3C

Outline Numbered Lists

Proposal: background-image-opacity or background-opacity

Rotating column headers

Rotating column headers - Bump

Réf. : Re: Outline Numbered Lists

Sprites (was: Background position)

starting a new table row

Styling of complex Ruby.

SVG and CSS stuff, for tomorrow

updated CSS3 Fonts Working Draft

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