Re: Sprites (was: Background position)

On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 14:08, Bert Bos <> wrote:
> W3C has a Media Fragments WG, maybe that's a better place to discuss
> sprites. CSS doesn't seem the right place to define how to refer to
> fragments of external resources. E.g., if sub-images are useful in CSS,
> then how about in SMIL, SVG, or HTML? For example:

Hmmm, true.

>    <img src="foo.png#xywh=12,20,10,10" alt=...>
> (This syntax is one of the proposals under discussion. See
> for details.)
> The mailing list of the Media Fragments WG is
> <>

I wasn't aware of that WG. Thank you. I have subscribed to the mailing
list and looked through that document. That changes things around
quite a bit. I'll have to think about this again when I'm a bit more


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