Re: [css3-background] Issues open for feedback

fantasai wrote:
> Hello www-style,
> I've posted a summary of the major open issues we've been discussing
> here on
> Feel free to comment here, there, or in the appropriate threads. :)

Here's my summary of the responses:

First: Clipping center of border-image:
        a) empty keyword b) fill keyword c) no keyword
Second: Splitting border-image into subproperties
Third: border-image+box shadow:
        1. ignore box-shadow 2. mask it
Fourth: Fallback colors
Fifth: no-clip

     First   Second   Third   Fourth   Fifth
FR           split    mask    other*
GC  nothing  split    drop    other*   maybe
BK  nothing  split    drop    keep*    ok
TA  nothing  split    drop    keep     ?

01           split
02                            keep
03           split
04  empty    split    mask    keep     meh
09                    mask
12  empty    split    mask    keep     meh
13           split
14  keyword  split    mask    meh      meh
17  fill     split    mask    keep     ok
22                    mask             cool
24  not fill split    drop    keep     drop

* see message for details


Based on the responses, the WG has decided to split border-image
into subproperties. I have also removed the 'no-clip' keyword.


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