RE: New work on fonts at W3C

Håkon Wium Lie [] wrote:
>You could e.g. start by responding to this proposal:

1. I don't think CORS is a good application here, as it seems much more destructive to workflow than generating EOT files.

2. yes, I think this (lightweight obfuscation/compression scheme) is a good idea.  That's essentially what EOT does, and checks the embedding bit to see if it can generate embeddings for the font.  If the concern is field of use of MTX, then I'd like to see that defined, and then we can ask Monotype to remove that restriction.

3. (linking to "standard" TTF/OTF files)  As previously indicated, I don't see any way to make this palatable (without requiring additional bits in the TTF/OTF that say this usage is allowed, that would not be set in most commercial fonts - e.g. "does not work with any current fonts, freeware fonts would have to be updated.")


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