Moving forward on a Vertical Align Issue.

In Mar, Anton Prowse raised a number of issues:

One of these issues, 4A, was concerned with the handling of "normal" inline text with tall images
either top- or bottom-aligned. The WG has made some progress on this issue by looking at the results of an expanded version of Anton's test case:

This test showed that no two browsers did the same thing on all the tests and that all the browsers did something that seemed (to the WG members discussing the results) to be undesireable.

This lead to an (incomplete) set of principles for that correct solution:

1.       All the aligned-subtrees in a line should be considered in determining the top and bottom alignment points for that line.

2.       The top and bottom aligned-subtrees in a line are ignored in giving vertical positions to the  baseline aligned-subtrees.

3.       If there are only bottom (respectively, top) aligned-subtrees they are aligned with the bottom (respectively, top) of the baseline aligned-subtrees.

4.       If there are both top and bottom aligned-subtrees then the tallest such aligned-subtrees will determine the alignment of the baseline aligned-subtrees.

By separate message, I will propose an "algorithm" for achieving the desired result.

Steve Zilles

Received on Friday, 5 June 2009 14:16:14 UTC