[CSS21] spellings used in specification

I wasn't sure if the spec was yet in a sufficiently advanced state to 
raise spelling issues, but given today's discussion I'll send this email 
which has been lying around for a while, which raises the "descendant" 
vs "descendent" issue that David Baron looks to have at least partly 
addressed.  Perhaps the source references are of use.

I just wanted to raise a quick editorial issue: the words "descendent"
and "descendant" are used throughout the spec, both as adjectives and
nouns.  Whilst both are acceptable in both roles according to Merriam
Webster, I think the spec should opt for one spelling per role and use
it consistently.  Note that Merriam Webster prefers the '-ant' form in
both roles, while the Oxford English Dictionary is having none of the
'-ent' form at all!

Also, in 17.5.2 (Table width algorithms: the 'table-layout' property):

  #   However, once the calculated value of 'width' for the table is
  #   found (using the algorithms given below or, when appropriate, some
  #   other UA dependant algorithm) then the other parts of section 10.3
  #   do apply.

s/UA dependant/UA-dependent/

Anton Prowse

Received on Monday, 8 June 2009 16:06:05 UTC