Re: Proposal: background-image-opacity or background-opacity

Transitions on images is a feature that has been requested for WebKit  
often.  Here are some requests we've gotten about it:

(1) The ability to transition between two gradients by actually  
running transition functions on the colors and stops.

(2) The ability to transition between non-gradient images by doing a  
cross-fade (or from/to a gradient and non-gradient).

(3) The ability to specify other types of image transitions (could  
probably be done with a new transition property that had a simple list  
of possible transitions, e.g., dissolve, fade, etc.)

(4) We've also had discussions about how transitions could be used  
internally to possibly implement Vista-style control transitions,  
since those are essentially just image fades as well (albeit between  
two OS-rendered images).  This could involve saying that the CSS3  
"appearance" property transitions somehow.


Received on Tuesday, 2 June 2009 21:16:38 UTC