Re: [css3-background] CSS Image Replacement

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On Jun 4, 2009, at 10:48 AM, Alexis Deveria <> wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 1:22 PM, Brad Kemper <>  
> wrote:
>> You can still use a separate image for :hover, etc., if using  
>> sprites is not
>> a requirement.
>> It's also worth noting that with font embedding via @font-face,  
>> many of the
>> needs to do CSS image replacement  go away, especially when you can  
>> combine
>> that with text-shadow, RGBA colors (for translucency), etc.
> True, that probably solves many of the header replacements, just not  
> most logos.

A logo is really an example of something that I'd expect to be a  
forerground IMG. it is identifying content, not just decoration  
(especially if it links to your home page). All you need for text  
there is an ALT attribute.

If you wanted a rollover effect, you could assign a background image  
to its anchor link, and set the visibility of the IMG to hidden  
for :hover.

> So I guess in the end one would weigh the cost of adding a new,
> relatively easy to implement property versus waiting for other, more
> complicated specs to mature and be implemented that would be better
> suited to deal with the situation.
> I suspect the difference between the two could unfortunately be many
> years, but since the benefit versus current solutions is probably too
> minor, it may make more sense to wait. As long as this use case is
> kept in mind when developing these specifications, that's okay by me.

I don't think adding a new property is ever going to happen on a  
timeline shorter than a year or more, even if you think it's  
relatively simple. You're better off waiting for more mature proposals  
already in progress, and adding your input when you think they are  
missing something or when you have ideas for them that others may not  
have considered. 

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