RE: New work on fonts at W3C

I believe we already discussed this and agreed that certain aspects of EOT solution can be implemented in a different way, e.g. utilizing same-origin restriction and CORS technology as Mozilla proposed.

The important point is that we seem to agree we need a universally supported web font wrapper that would allow to put "signs and fences" to reduce a risk of font piracy to a level that would be acceptable for font foundries. I believe that as soon as we have this in place, web designers will have access to a vast selection of high-quality fonts.


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> > EOT format as it's the only existing web format that offers an
> ability to 'put a
> > fence with "no trespassing" sign' around a font.
> I'm all for signs and fences to present to users about what their
> rights are; the problem is that EOT is an "electric" fence - a DRM
> scheme, since it requires web browsers to enforce restrictions on
> users - whereas the Ascender proposal doesn't require this of
> browsers.

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