Re: RE: New work on fonts at W3C

2009/6/23 Chris Wilson <>:
>>> I’d say “DRM” is not something I’m a particular fan of  - proper expression
>>> of licensing intent, and the unlocking of commercially-produced font
>>> licenses for use with web content, IS.
>>Are you saying that IE would implement a non-DRM web font format?
> I don't speak for IE.

Do you personally think IE would implement a non-DRM web font format?
>From what I have heard from Microsoft representatives, I don't.

> I should be clearer, though - I think full expression of "your
> digital rights" in a web font format is a good idea (in fact, I think it's a
> necessity, and that's where .ttf/.otf falls down)

What do you personally think about Tom Lord's proposal?

> TTF/OTF on the web is akin to saying you have to put the
> bits to Photoshop up on the web in order for anyone to
> view images created with it.

But trying to make read-only fonts is like make water not wet?

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