Re: civility ruling, please RE: (fonts) MTX skepticism

Thomas Lord wrote:
> Here is the situation in which I find myself:
> 1. One seeming authority has asked the font 
>    discussion to cease on this mailing as being
>    inappropriate.  
> 2. I have posted far less than many in that 
>    discussion though I staked out a novel,
>    defensible compromise that would create
>    new value for users of the web.
> 3. The authority calling for a cessation of the
>    discussion singled *me* out as an example
>    of the problem.
> 4. The people whose positions I argued against,
>    including some other authorities within W3C,
>    have continued the discussion here.   Their
>    continuation of the discussion includes some
>    proposed rebuttals of my arguments.
> 5. I can not both honor the request to move the 
>    discussion from this list AND defend myself
>    against these rebuttals, which I find to be 
>    flawed.
> The resulting appearance is of a parliamentary
> maneuver to suppress the introduction of a new 
> compromise proposal.  I do not presume that that
> is the intent, yet it is the undeniable effect.
> Now I would like to know:
> a) Where does authority to police this list 
> officially reside?   Is the initial admonishment
> I received authoritative or not?

Hard to answer; it depends on how you define authority.
I have no official authority over this list, but I think
most participants would consider my message authoritative.

> b) If the admonishment is authoritative, then
> on what basis does the discussion continue anyway,
> including attacks on my position against which I am
> told I may not defend myself?

I didn't single you out and ask you not to reply, only not
to start any new threads here. I /would/ like everyone to
shift their discussions to www-font by the end of the month
(that is, tomorrow). The best way to do this is by replying
to either www-font only or to both www-font and www-style
with the Reply-to header set to www-font and a note at the
end noting the shift of mailing list, as Vladimir has done

To preserve context, you can quote generously and/or link
to the appropriate archived message.

> c) Will Håkon, Vladimir, and other principles
> in this effort agree to establish a forum for the
> airing of these issues in an orderly manner, a 
> forum in which I may represent and defend my views?

Philippe has notified me that the Fonts WG charter has been
updated to point to www-font, and Håkon and Vladimir have
already started posting to www-font, so I believe this is
happening already.


Received on Monday, 29 June 2009 22:39:18 UTC