Re: Mixing ::outside and ::footnote-call pseudo-elements

Ludger Buenger wrote:
> There are a few questions that came up when we tried to implement
> footnotes from the gcpm module.
> These seems to be covered neither by "generated and replaced elements"
> nor "generated content for paged media", therefore I ask "the list":
> How is generated content using the ::outside pseudo-element
> ( supposed to interact
> with ::footnote-call (
> Which one is inside of which?
> Does a foot-note-call inherit properties from the ::outside-style?
> Or are they unrelated?
> If there is also a ::outside::before defined, is it before or after
> the footnote-marker? Or is the "outside" of the footnote in the
> footnote-area, not at the original position of the footnote?
> Same question regarding ::footnote-marker and ::before:
> If both are defined, which one is before the other?
> Are there any implementators, who faced the same problems and how
> did you solve it?

I expect ::outside will be removed from the next revision of css3-content.
It creates a mess wrt the cascade, and the main use cases should be
solveable with XBL.

for :before... I would expect it to appear inside the footnote, not
inside the call. But Håkon will have to clarify that in GCPM. :)


Received on Tuesday, 16 June 2009 23:01:15 UTC