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On Thursday, June 25, 2009 11:12 AM John Daggett wrote:
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> Subject: Re: New work on fonts at W3C
> I think we always been pretty consistent in saying that we weren't
> terribly excited about MTX and the idea of domain-specific compression,
> going back to our discussions during the October meeting:


Which feeds right back to my point (2). You consistently attempted to block the discussion of technical merits of EOT, and MTX as part of it. Now you say you are "not terribly excited about MTX" based on never-before-discussed technical merits.

> Legal concerns were brought up before but that was just one of the
> concerns raised.
> > 2) When the patent licensing issues have been resolved to the mutual
> > satisfaction of all interested parties involved and to the best
> > interests of the open source community - Mozilla makes an attempt to
> > reject the technology in question based on the technical merits that
> > have never been discussed in the first place! I would like to remind
> you
> > that it was Mozilla (and not Microsoft) who repeatedly blocked the
> > attempts to form a working group at W3C where technical merits of the
> > future web font solution could have been discussed.
> We simply were not in favor of a group intended to define EOT as the
> web
> font format, along with others.  I think we've been fairly proactive in
> discussing what we would support, as you know.

Most of the prior communication have been centered on what other people need to do, or on what Mozilla would not or "cannot" do. The only proactive step I witness so far is your support for lightweight obfuscation proposed by Ascender, thank you!

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