Re: Proposal: background-image-opacity or background-opacity

Mark wrote:
> Now with the css 3 backgrounds module multiple backgrounds are going
> to be supported. Webkit has support for it and Gecko is in the
> progress of making it all work. Now with that module (once adapted by
> the biggest rendering engines) you can give one element both his
> normal image and his hover image which is exactly the way it should be
> if you ask me. Now i see one issue comming there. If you want to fade
> from the normal image to the hover image you currently (if i read the
> spec right) can't do that because there is no way of letting either
> one of those images disappear, no way to set the opacity per image.

Seems like this could be dealt with by just having separate style rules 
setting the two images and defining CSS transitions on background image 
to do fade in/out, maybe....


Received on Tuesday, 2 June 2009 16:22:11 UTC