Re: New work on fonts at W3C

On Fri, 19 Jun 2009 18:16:14 +0200, Brad Kemper <> wrote:
> Doesn't CORS have to deal with all that anyway? At some point, in order  
> to make CORS versions of root strings work (as per the current working  
> draft[2]), someone has to enter a list of "source origin strings"  
> somewhere for each resource you want to restrict, and then the server  
> needs to look at that list in order to know how to set the HTTP headers.  
> I'm just suggesting that the server could look at the list in the font  
> itself in order to automatically set the list that CORS uses for that  
> font.

I'm not sure we should have cross-origin restrictions on font loading though. Mozilla implemented this, but it seems really inconsistent with similar APIs, e.g. <img> and <script>, or, to stick with CSS, 'list-style-image' and friends.

> 2.  

Anne van Kesteren

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