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On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 5:58 AM, Glen<> wrote:
> What is the hold up?

I wouldn't have any idea - I'm just a subscriber to the working group,
not an implementer or spec author.  I suspect that any gradient spec
will come out of Apple, though, as they have the most mature
implementation of gradients so far.

> The only problem with using images is that you won't be able to have
> text gradients.

True, but text gradients are substantially different from a standard
gradient.  Gradients *aren't* colors, and can't be treated as such -
colors are 0-dimensional, while gradients are 1d or 2d like images.

A text gradient is essentially turning text into a mask for an image,
which is substantially different from just filling it in with a color.
 It should be a separate proposal, which can then use gradients (or
any other image, for that matter).

(Webkit offers a "text" value for -webkit-background-clip, which does
essentially this, but that's *definitely* not been put up for
discussion yet.)

> Glen.
> P.S. I didn't suggest background-style.

That's fine - the title of your email was "Re: background-style", and
I have no idea what the contents of the original thread/message you
were replying to were, as you didn't quote anything.


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