Re: New work on fonts at W3C

2009/6/18 Robert O'Callahan <>:
> Firefox and other browsers will search through every font installed on your
> system to find one that supports a character, if necessary.

This is not my experience, or at least not my experience with Firefox
3 on the Mac. A lot of characters (e.g., IPA, hanyu pinyin) that used
to display correctly in Firefox 2 now come up as blanks.

2009/6/18 Levantovsky, Vladimir <>:
> Web users who rely on downloadable fonts to render certain languages are likely to have slow and unreliable internet connections - they would definitely benefit from downloadable fonts being as small as possible. This is where efficient compression becomes most valuable, and it does not discriminate - it will compress equally well a font that you've got for free, or the one that you chose to pay for.
> As far as quality is concerned - you are free to choose to use a free font of poor quality or pay a few bucks for a font that is high-quality. It's your website and nobody shall deny you this freedom of choice.

I don't understand this. If you have to rely on downloadable fonts
then you have to download a new font for every different site you
visit, and if subsetting is required then you may even have to
download a new font for different parts of the same site. If reducing
bandwidth is a concern, why would this be even a solution that is
worth considering?


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