Re: RE: New work on fonts at W3C

2009/6/22 Chris Wilson <>:
> [] wrote:
>>Your assertion that users live happily with iTunes staggers belief. DVD
>> Jon's new company wouldn't get VC funding if that was the case, and then
>> there's the Apple vs France legal procedings.
> I don’t have the references for what you’re talking about,

> but in general,
> I’d say “DRM” is not something I’m a particular fan of  - proper expression
> of licensing intent, and the unlocking of commercially-produced font
> licenses for use with web content, IS.

Are you saying that IE would implement a non-DRM web font format?

>> DRM isn't acceptable to a lot of people, and while Apple or Microsoft might
>> try it on in their little private fiefdoms, there is no place for DRM in
>> standards based development communities.
> I’d like to ask that we keep the discussion from falling into name-calling.

Please accept my apologies, I just mentioned Apple and Microsoft as
examples of companies with currently widespread DRM schemes, nothing

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