[CSSWG] Summary and Resolutions June 2009 F2F Part III: More Spec Discussions

Paged Media

   WG not going to address problem of zero-height pages or columns, spec
   should merely suggest that UA make sure there's a finite number of pages.

   Discussed wording on distinction between margins on forced vs. unforced breaks.

   Discussed whether to move break-* to css3-page


   Håkon has revised the GCPM draft and trimmed it down to features that are
   mostly implemented by two UAs, Prince and Antenna House

   Chris and Steve object to definition of cmyk() because it is not tied to
   a color profile and is therefore poorly defined. Chris to review in depth;
   possible to rename to device-cmyk() to make it clear that its colors are

   RESOLVED: text-replace is dropped from GCPM
   RATIONALE: No WG consensus on keeping it, and much opposition besides.

   Suggestion to rename 'border-parts' to 'border-clip'.

   RESOLVED: Move super-decimal counter style to CSS Lists Level 3
   RATIONALE: That's the right module for counter styles.

   RESOLVED: GCPM page-bleed renamed to bleed
   RATIONALE: It's already restricted to be inside @page

   RESOLVED: Keep page floats in GCPM WD

Grid, Templates, and other coarse layout systems

   - Alex demonstrates an implementation of grid units and positioning.
   - Discussion of interaction of abspos and floating behaviors.
   - Discussion of multi-pass layout and problems created by mixing floats
     and arbitrary positioning.
   - Discussion of snap-to-grid concept
   - Discussion of equal-height boxes
   - Discussion of flexible grid layout
   - Discussion of how to get a good report on layout requirements of web pages
     from designers.


   David Baron explains the flexbox model, what parts have been implemented
   by Mozilla and Webkit, and what parts are underdefined.
   RESOLVED: Change Ian's editor status and publish flexbox as FPWD.

CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 3

   RESOLVED: Proposal to split border-image into subproperties is accepted
   RATIONALE: It is easier to understand and allows independent manipulation
              of its various values, which is useful for e.g. :hover effects.

   RESOLVED: Middle part of border-image clipped by default, use 'fill keyword
             to keep it.
   RATIONALE: a) It's a border property, should behave like one by default.
              b) Gives ability to use formats without transparency as a border
              c) Improves performance by default: author turns off optimization
                 only when needed.

   RESOLVED: Drop fallback color from background properties
   RATIONALE: Replace with more general image() fallback syntax that allows
              multiple image formats to be specified as fallbacks, and is
              easier to understand.

   ALSO: 'no-clip' keyword dropped

   http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2009Jun/0180.html [border-image split]
   http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2009Jun/0184.html [Paged Media]
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