Re: [css3-background] Glossary

2009/6/10 Anne van Kesteren <>:
> 1. text/xhtml+xml is not a valid media type.
> 2. Both XHTML document and source document are terms not used in the document and should probably be removed therefore.

The term "XHTML document" should be used in the section 3.12.
In fact, the section should say "For HTML and XHTML documents whose
root element is an html element: if the computed value of
‘background-image’ on the root element is ‘none’ and its
‘background-color’ is ‘transparent’, user agents must instead
propagate the computed values of the background properties from that
element's first HTML body child element"
because: all HTML5 elements are lowercase (although case insensitive)
and because being XHTML or HTML is not a property of the element, is a
property of the source document.

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> Anne van Kesteren

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