RE: RE: New work on fonts at W3C

Thomas Lord [] wrote:
>Please check out RDFa mark-up and ccREL ontology.  A human
>friendly XHTML "About" attachment to a font file can contain
>machine-readable license information.   People have worked for
>years with W3C to bring that about.

Sure. It's definitely possible to represent the machine-readable, semantically meaningful licensing information in (X)HTML (+RDFa, or some other markup).  It's also possible to just say "(X)HTML goes here," and just use (X)HTML as a rich text format.  The former could be a solution path; the latter is not much more useful than what we have now.

>> Trying to carry licensing information to instruct proper
>> usage...
>Right.  And that is a generic, useful thing to do for
>all media types.

Yes.  Although fonts have a few specific issues (e.g. the "you can view/print/edit using this" vs. "you can generate new content with this" distinction).

>It is technically simpler to do it for all media types
>in a general way.

Not sure I agree with that, but it could be useful.

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