Re: @font-face and unicode-range

On Monday 01 June 2009, Michael Day wrote:

> However it is a useful abstraction to be able to define unified fonts
> in CSS that cover multiple languages as well as scripts, which
> requires a language descriptor in @font-face rules. Without this one 
> can end up with an increased number of styling rules, eg. the product
> of the number of fonts (heading, body text, sidenote) with the number
> of languages:

Useful, but for how many authors? Sure, there will be some texts that 
contain different renderings of unified characters, viz., texts that 
talk about the different renderings of unified characters. The author 
will almost certainly mark up one (or both) of the variants as an 
example, because it is not in the language of the article; and so it 
should be quite easy to use a selector. In fact, it is even more likely 
that the variants aren't text at all, but images. After all, if the 
difference in rendering is important, it is no longer a question of 

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