Re: [css3-fonts] Quoted font family names

On Fri, 19 Jun 2009 06:35:49 +0200, Dylan Just <>  

>> "Font family names containing more than one word should be quoted." -
>> I don't see any reason why they should be quoted.
>> I suggest the above be changed to "Font family names may be quoted.".
> Can font names contain commas? If so, they'll need to be quoted,  
> otherwise your suggestion's fine.

If a font name contains comma or } or a number of other things, then you  
can either quote it or backslash-escape it, I believe.

But for a font name such as Times New Roman, there's no reason to quote it.

Simon Pieters
Opera Software

Received on Friday, 19 June 2009 04:49:06 UTC