Fonts Formats are Off-Topic

The topic of this mailing list is *technical* discussion of *Cascading
Style Sheets*. Font formats and licensing are both off-topic. Please
direct your comments to www-font instead.

Chris, this was not an appropriate use of www-style. As the poster of the
original message and as a W3C Staff member, I'm holding you responsible
for making sure all participants here are directed to www-font. Next time,
please invite discussion on the appropriate mailing list.

Thomas Lord, please do not start any new www-style threads on this topic.
At least if you stick to Chris Lilley's thread, I only have one thread to
ignore. If you want to start a new thread, do it on www-font. The archives
to www-style are here:
You can link to individual messages as necessary to provide context.

I realize that I cannot keep you all from arguing with each other here,
but I would greatly appreciate it if we can end the discussion here and
move it to www-font by the end of this month.



Received on Friday, 26 June 2009 22:46:08 UTC