Re: @font-face and unicode-range

Hi Michel,

> I think that either using hex ranges (as originally designed) or
> language script values (such as Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, etc...
> as defined by Unicode UAX#24) is a better approach. And even with that,
> it requires some skills to create a font content that adequately cover
> writing systems, because of the shared characters (typically classified
> as 'Common' or 'Inherited' in term of script values).

Using script values sounds like a great idea! That's a lot easier for 
the user than specifying a dozen Unicode blocks, and it also handles the 
common and inherited characters, which unicode-range currently can't do.

(It's also nice from an efficiency point of view, as we already have 
perform script processing in order to correctly apply OpenType features, 
so it is no extra work at all).

So, how about allowing unicode-range to accept Unicode script names? And 
should these be strings or keywords? :)

Best regards,


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Received on Wednesday, 3 June 2009 00:48:49 UTC