CSS encoding detection and GSM 03.38 [Was: CSS encoding detection and GSM 03.30]

On 7/6/09 00:46, Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis wrote:
> I've got a few other, more minor questions about GSM 03.30 and CSS:


> Given GSM 03.30 doesn't have a name in the IANA
> registry, why doesn't this mean that "as specified, transcoded from GSM
> 03.38 to ASCII" is a condition that could never be met, since a
> specification like "GSM0338" or "GSM03.38" would violate this MUST
> requirement and have to be discarded?


> 2. I've noticed that Unicode deliberately redefined the meaning of GSM
> 03.30 hex 09 from uppercase to lowercase c cedilla.


> 3. Does anyone have any examples of CSS encoded as GSM 03.30

Gargh. Apologies for the confusing typo here: please substitute "03.38" 
for "03.30" throughout.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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