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2009/6/23 Chris Wilson <>:
> Dave Crossland wrote:
>>It becomes DRM when you say, "UAs are expected to honor those [restrictions]"
> If a web font says "I'm only licensed to be used on", it's DRM if UAs don't render it on other domains too?

Yes; please read the essays on - specifically.

> My mom doesn't want to see the license for Comic Sans

But when, for example, she clicks "File, Save as..." she might benefit
from an info dialog box popping up to say "The files that make up this
page are subject to copyright restrictions. Click here to learn more"
which would open a browser window explaining what licenses go with
which files.

> nor would she know what to do with it.

Creative Commons and
show that licensing information can be made readable and meaningfully
useful for people like your Mum.

>>> look about the same.  Trying to carry licensing information to instruct
>>> proper usage is like putting up signs saying whether the water is
>>> potable or not - it doesn't stop people from drinking it, but it does
>>> encourage doing the right thing.
>>Here you seem to be talking about assisting people and not expecting
>>UAs to enforce restrictions.
> Hmm.  I think we think of "enforcing restrictions" differently.

Well when you say "to instruct proper usage," does my example of your
Mum's "Save Page As" dialog count as such instruction?

>>P.S. Thanks for a thoughtful discussion, I'm enjoying this :-)
> As am I.  But unfortunately I will need to drop from this
> conversation somewhat for a couple of days; I'm travelling (to
> @media2009) and will be offline.  I'll pick back up when I get back on line.

Have a nice trip :-)

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