Re: [css3-text] text-overflow and vertical overflow

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Jun 2009 01:03:08 +0200, fantasai <> wrote:
>> It was rejected because the behavior of using ellipsis on every
>> horizontally overflowing line in a case that also has vertical
>> overflow has valid use cases. E.g. a text editor may choose to
>> indicate which lines overflow the viewport in the horizontal
>> direction, and not give any special indication of overflow in
>> the vertical direction.
>> There seemed to be agreement if an indicator of vertical overflow
>> was needed, a separate property would be required. It was also
>> noted that this would be useful on paged media.
>> It appears none of this was minuted, however. :/
> And what was the reason again this could not be dependent on the
> values of overflow-x and overflow-y? For the text editor case you
> could e.g. have overflow-x:hidden;overflow-y:auto.

I'd still want to be able to scroll to see the hidden content?


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