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PKI signing of certs with SAN URIs : NVSI : openid domain procedures peter williams (Saturday, 30 April)

Extension for Berlin Henry Story (Saturday, 30 April)

test suite and "loading root files" - countering lack of independence in trials peter williams (Saturday, 30 April)

ancillary comment on RE: SNI Support peter williams (Friday, 29 April)

Minutes for WebID XG Meeting 25 April 2011 Henry Story (Friday, 29 April)

Our paper for Federated Social Web Europe Conference Dominik Tomaszuk (Thursday, 28 April)

SNI Support Akbar Hossain (Thursday, 28 April)

My position paper for the Berlin workshop. Andrei Sambra (Thursday, 28 April)

bought my ticket for berlin! Henry Story (Thursday, 28 April)

universities doing information assurance (which may not actually exist). US UK and other links to IA. peter williams (Thursday, 28 April)

the openid para peter williams (Thursday, 28 April)

github style trust networking, befriending, and social overlays peter williams (Thursday, 28 April)

Identity in the Browser paper submitted - but with weird pdf extension Henry Story (Wednesday, 27 April)

faculty and webid. find an economic upswing that makes up for the loss of control. peter williams (Wednesday, 27 April)

WebID video and demo Manu Sporny (Wednesday, 27 April)

[Fwd: [saag] Paper for W3C Identity in the Browser Workshop] Nathan (Tuesday, 26 April)

payswarm, webid and javascript SSL. peter williams (Tuesday, 26 April)

new class of https endpoint. go try it (on Windows). may work on windows/mac combo desktop, even for mozilla. Comparison with DANE peter williams (Tuesday, 26 April)

WebID-ISSUE-56 (keygen): track current keygeneration and proposals for keygeneration mechanisms WebID Incubator Group Issue Tracker (Sunday, 24 April)

realization point; separating webid protocol from webid trust chains, and webid applications generally peter williams (Friday, 22 April)

Berlin conf Henry Story (Friday, 22 April)

Berkman Center work on internet Henry Story (Friday, 22 April)

Minutes for WebID XG Meeting 18 April 2011 Henry Story (Thursday, 21 April)

wikileaks certs, ICANN, DNS, and DANE. using ldap to parallel a DANE zone peter williams (Thursday, 21 April)

tabs and state, REST vs documents peter williams (Wednesday, 20 April)

W3C specs that come with test suites using EARL Henry Story (Tuesday, 19 April)

WebID-ISSUE-55 (schema-openess): explore WebID schema agnosticims WebID Incubator Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 19 April)

WebID-ISSUE-54 (bblfish): relation between X509 certificates and WebID [WebID Spec] WebID Incubator Group Issue Tracker (Monday, 18 April)

Fwd: Re: Fwd: Re: a totally minimal RDFa doc, please Coralie Mercier (Friday, 15 April)

us national id plan - cooping user-centric. impact on webid peter williams (Friday, 15 April)

EARL based WebID tests: a first example Henry Story (Friday, 15 April)

Update on my WebID services. Andrei Sambra (Thursday, 14 April)

Fwd: a totally minimal RDFa doc, please Coralie Mercier (Thursday, 14 April)

Fwd: Re: a totally minimal RDFa doc, please Coralie Mercier (Thursday, 14 April)

opera feature request (really easy!) peter williams (Thursday, 14 April)

a totally minimal RDFa doc, please peter williams (Thursday, 14 April)

adding second mod to #me peter williams (Thursday, 14 April)

0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.1 peter williams (Wednesday, 13 April)

losing private key, means losing access to resources, surely. peter williams (Wednesday, 13 April)

Fwd: Re: RE: Authentication workflow draft. Coralie Mercier (Wednesday, 13 April)

short life certs from server cert endpoints peter williams (Wednesday, 13 April)

self-signed Joerg Anders (Wednesday, 13 April)

Binary WebID Profiles Henry Story (Tuesday, 12 April)

Authentication workflow draft. Andrei Sambra (Tuesday, 12 April)

Apache and Apple Safari Henry Story (Tuesday, 12 April)

openid webid and wif peter williams (Tuesday, 12 April)

getting past centralization of webid in DNSSec peter williams (Monday, 11 April)

Re: [unhosted] Push notifications? Kingsley Idehen (Sunday, 10 April)

Re: butlers, secretaries, robots and access control Henry Story (Saturday, 9 April)

related Nathan (Saturday, 9 April)

butlers and robots and access control Henry Story (Saturday, 9 April)

WebIDauth - authentication service written in PHP. Andrei Sambra (Saturday, 9 April)

WebID security picture Mo McRoberts (Friday, 8 April)

FAQ on creating certificates for every language Henry Story (Thursday, 7 April)

Using webid for cert issuing. Dependency relationship between domain-cert and webid peter williams (Thursday, 7 April)

How to request a WebID? Nathan (Tuesday, 5 April)

Position Paper for W3C Workshop on Identity Jeff Sayre (Tuesday, 5 April)

Doing things with WebID and a Poster Child Nathan (Monday, 4 April)

WebID Paper and 3 Week focus Nathan (Monday, 4 April)

PROPOSAL: Weekly Meetings & Organization. Nathan (Monday, 4 April)

New Doodle meeting Poll Henry Story (Monday, 4 April)

HOWTO for serving a WebID using Apache’s .htaccess file. Andrei Sambra (Monday, 4 April)

Re: WebID Test Suite bergi (Sunday, 3 April)

Agenda for WebID Teleconf, Monday April 4 2011 Henry Story (Friday, 1 April)

Multiple certificates belonging to a WebID (or multiple IDs). Andrei Sambra (Thursday, 31 March)

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