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Re: Position Paper for W3C Workshop on Identity

From: Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 17:22:35 -0400
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To: public-xg-webid@w3.org
On 4/20/11 4:51 PM, peter williams wrote:
> So , its short and pithy. Its not overly biased, and it makes a case.
> It *does* make me want to know more. I wish it gave me some hints of the
> answers, just so that as a reviewer I might stack it higher in my choice
> list - and not be tempted to downgrade it when I read the next submission.
> It's well written.
> It makes various claims that are hard to substantiate, but they were not
> religiously characterized. They were hopeful. It didn't promise the earth,
> and only once implied that browsers need to have RDF parsers. (That is
> probably is weakest point, politically, as its walking right into the rats
> nest of RDF history). I have to leave it to other judgements whether we
> REALLY need that point. IN my world, that just gives the competing salesman
> an angle of attack...

The very first thing I did was search on pattern: RDF. I didn't find any 

This is a great document re. WebID. Showing OpenID a little love re., 
how WebID helps it thrive by removing URL and Password management tedium 
from the picture, will protect the mission even further :-)


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> Ok the latest version of the paper for the W3C Browser workshop has been put
> up here:
>    http://bblfish.net/tmp/2011/04/20/
> It should be an easy and clear read, and essentially make the point to the
> browser vendors that they need very little effort to make a big difference
> and solve a big problem.
> Henry
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