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WebID-ISSUE-55 (schema-openess): explore WebID schema agnosticims

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Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 18:01:53 +0000
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WebID-ISSUE-55 (schema-openess): explore WebID schema  agnosticims


Raised by: Henry Story
On product: 

The WebID protocol should be open to other URL schemas than HTTP/S . Or should it just make sure it does not exclude their future  development ? (HTML 1 did not have all the features of HTML4 but it did not exclude HTML4 from happening, or even XML or n3 or json from coming on the scene.) 

In any case logically the WebID protocol should require the WebID to be dereferenced using the canonical dereferencing method for the URL Schema.  For http this is the HTTP protocol, for https:// the https protocol.

The simplest protocol to add would be FTP. Thinking about ftp or even including it when writing the spec could be a good way to find hardcoded URL schema presuppositions in the docs. 
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