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On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 11:37 PM, Henry Story <>wrote:

> A good example is from my lion machine sawing mum [1], who makes videos of
> everybody she meets and cannot send that content to her friends by email of
> course. Making something public on youtube would work but is rude. So is
> asking people to become members of some video site just to watch a video
> they may not care about. The right thing to do is to publish it on your
> space, give access to all your friends - whoever they are at a point in
> time, and to allow the people appearing in the video to decide what access
> control rules they should enable. This is the kind of use case I think Web
> Id makes very easy to implement.
> hope that helps,
> Henry

Thanks! Yes, that does help a lot. We have six months until we launch
version 0.2 of the unhosted stack spec. By that time we'll think about what
the next steps should be to expand the protocol stack. I think the main
topics we want to look at for the next version will be something like:
- sharing/collaboration/push/real-time
- hot swapping between multiple apps on the same data
- "identity" (in its many meanings[1])

This is a big list of topics to think about, and WebID is somewhere inside
that list. For now, we're still working on the layer below all that, which
includes things like creating 5 initial apps, getting developer tools for
unhosted web apps into all major dev frameworks and platforms, making it
easy for system administrators to provide unhosted accounts for the users at
the domain they administer.

It's really exciting to see how everything makes sense together, and the
longer you look at things like sharing and identity, the more obvious it
becomes that some combination of all these exciting projects will be the
future of the web as we know it.



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