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[dwbp] BP - URI structure is not relevant for REST

[dwbp] Contributing on Github

[dwbp] Suggests additional content for BP1 implementation (#87)

A suggestion: Add status flags to BPs?

About Best Practice: Use a trusted serialisation format for preserved data dumps

Agenda for Meeting - Future deliverable & milestone planning

Agenda for Meeting - Voting on PWD of UCR and BP docs

Agenda for tomorrow's call — and an extra call next week for the BP doc

Agenda for tomorrow's telco


April Face to Face - who's coming?

audience for the BP doc

AusGOAL Qualities of Open Data

Best Practice 1: Provide metadata

Best Practice 2 - Title and the use of the term format

Best Practice 20: Preserve person's right to privacy

Best Practice 4 (Document Metadata) - I agree to suppress it

BP - BP14 reuse vocabularies

BP - use of RFC2119

BP 7, provide unique identifiers

BP vocabulary section

BP vocabulary section - ontologies vs "controlled vocabularies"

BP vocabulary section - update

BP: identification and granularity

Call for comments on open questions about the audience for the DWBP doc

Call for Contributors

Call to review BP Document

Clarifying timing etc.

Code lists Issue-48

Comments on Best Practice document

comments on section 7.4


COMURI and the BP document

Data Access

Data Sensitivity BP and first draft...

Deferred to Linked Data Best Practices for vocab re-use

Draft BP Provenance intro section complete

dwbp-ACTION-114: Complete use case and requirements for data enrichment. related to issue-72

dwbp-ACTION-136: Create a wiki page to begin a glossary of terminology

dwbp-ISSUE-100 (BPs and Lifecyle): organising BPs around Life Cycle [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-101 (Challenges table): Should we use a table to present the challenges? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-102 (UC-BP link): Uuse Cases-BP links [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-103 (User types): Should we talk about the diff types of user [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-104 (Evidence of Relevance): Can we say that the evidence section shows the relevance of the BP? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-105 (MD or BP for MD): Metadata or Best Practices for Metadata? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-106 (Req Meaning): Meaning of R-MetadataStandardized & R-MetadataDocument [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-107 (Similar Reqs): R-MultipleRepresentations and R-FormatMultiple [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-108 (R-FormatLocalize): Where does R-FormatLocalize go? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-109 (machine Readable Licence?): No UCR for machine readable licences [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-110 (DQV in BP?): Data Quality vocab reqs in BP Doc? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-111 (Def: Granularity): What is data Granularity? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-112 (R-AccessUptodate): R-AccessUptodate for data Access? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-113 (Versioning): No req for versioning? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-114 (Feedback): Feedback required? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-115 (Share-PSI): Can we align Share-PSI and DWBP templates? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-116 (RiccardoAlbertoni): Best Practices for Data Quality - Insertion of specific strategies [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-117 (RiccardoAlbertoni): Should Data quality vocabulary be mentioned as specific strategy in BP Document? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-118: New Requirement suggestion R-VersionURIDesign [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-119 (BernadetteLoscio): Data Consumer x Data User [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-120 (BernadetteLoscio): BP Document metadata x BP Provide metadata in different formats x BP Document Vocabularies [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-121 (BernadetteLoscio): Requirements for human readable metadata [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-122 (BernadetteLoscio): Review Provide Metadata Standardized BP [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-123 (Sensitive Data): Use of SHOULD versus MUST for Sensitive Data [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-124 (BernadetteLoscio): Overlap between Best Practices for Publishing Linked Data and DWBP [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-125 (BernadetteLoscio): Discuss the relation between DWBP and Best Practices for Publishing Linked Data [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-126 (BernadetteLoscio): Review the specialization hierarchy between Provide Metadata BP and other BP [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-127 (BernadetteLoscio): Discuss the use of SchemaVer on the Implementation of the Provide Versioning Information BP [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-128: To discuss about BP specialization [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-129 (BernadetteLoscio): Review specialization hierarchies between BP [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-130 (BernadetteLoscio): Reuse vocabularies BP is incomplete [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-131 (BernadetteLoscio): Follow REST principles when designing APIs BP is incomplete. [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-132 (BernadetteLoscio): Review Document Metadata BP [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-133 (Standard metadata): SHOULD or MUST metadata be provided using standard terms [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-134 (BernadetteLoscio): About Formats, schemas, vocabularies and data models [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-135 (BernadetteLoscio): Use of RFC2119 [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-136 (BernadetteLoscio): Proposal for Metadata BP

dwbp-ISSUE-137 (BernadetteLoscio): Review BP Preserve person's right to privacy [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-138 (BernadetteLoscio): Should we split Use machine-readable standardized data formats BP in two? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-139 (BernadetteLoscio): Suggests additional content for BP1 implementation [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-140: Should we include the data lifecycle in the best practices document? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-141: title and subtitle are normative ? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-142: About multilingualism [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-143: Data Preservation BP should be reviewed [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-144: There is a technological bias in several parts of the document [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-145 (Caroline Burle): Define an actionable best practice for the BP7 [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-146 (TheNorm): Which section of a BP should be normative? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-83 (LuSTRE): New Reqs from LuSTRE Use Case [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-87 (R-DesignatedUserExpertise): New req: Data should be designated if either by virtue of its complexity or its nature is relevant to users with specific expertise. [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-88 (R-DesignatedThingsServiceProviders): New req: Data produced by things or services should be associated with complete things/services metadata descriptions. [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-89 (R-SoftwareDataUsage): New req: Data should be annotated with descriptions of software applications using the data [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-90 (R-UsageFeedback): new req: Data consumers should have a way of sharing feedback and rating data [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-91 (R-Location): New req: Locations (countries, regions, cities etc.) must be referred to consistently [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-92 (Dropping Formats): OK to drop last word of 'Requirements for Data Formats' from challenges/req list? [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-95 (MSI): Requirements derived from MSI use case [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-96 (Share-PSI): Is the WG happy with the Share-PSI use case [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-97 (Axoims in UCR): Should we include the three axioms in the UCR [Use Cases & Requirements Document]

dwbp-ISSUE-98 (R-QualityOpinions): R-QualityOpinions and R-IncorporateFeedback seem to be duplicates? [Use Cases & Requirements Document]


Firefox does not like the BP doc

First Complete Draft of BP Document

Formats, schemas, vocabularies, data models and section 7.4 of the Best Practices document

Help on Data Versioning section

Help with Data Identification section

Issues disabled on GitHub

Lifecycle "Big picture"--quick and dirty draft

Minor updates to UCR

More BPs added

My review of the DWBP 21st Jan editor's draft

notes on introductory material

OK to freeze the BP doc please?

On multilingualism

on the relation between DWBP Best Practices Document and the Linked Data Best Practices Working Group Note of GLD

Sequencial numbering of BPs

Short URI request

Status BP Friday 30 Jan

The BP Document

The document needs editing by a native English speaker

Updated version of UCR document online

What time should we stop entering changes to BP document?

Working on FPWD, more to do

Writing BPs, ISSUE-106

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