Re: Minor updates to UCR

OK, I've been through the three open issues assigned to me.

Issue-51 was about the word provenance. I have closed that issue and 
suggested that we use the text from the into to the Prov primer to 
define what provenance means in the BP doc.

Issue-49 was similar to Issue-48 which, as just reported, I think needs 
to remain open. 49 was about the definition of VocabReference - well, 
looking at it, that looks like code lists/enumerated values to me. So I 
closed 49 and referred to 48.

I *think* we could possibly so a simple 
s/VocabReference/EnumeratedValues/ on the doc but we'd need to check 
with each of the UCs that refer to it (there are a lot) and then 
consider whether we have just made GeographicContext redundant in the 


If it goes to press as is, I'm happy, but I do think it's an issue to be 


On 22/01/2015 11:10, Lee, Deirdre wrote:
> Thanks Phil,
> I've removed the two remaining issues and added description of DataEnrichment from Adriano.
> Editor's Draft of UCR Doc is ready for tomorrow's vote.
> Cheers,
> Deirdre
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> From: Phil Archer []
> Sent: 19 January 2015 13:21
> To: Public DWBP WG; Lee, Deirdre;
> Subject: Minor updates to UCR
> Dear all,
> I spent some time on a plane last week reviewing the UCR doc and have
> just made a series of minor changes based on that.
> @Dee - apart from minor language changes I've added a few extra reqs to
> existing UCs. Also removed the two blanks UCs (SLAs and data versioning).
> @Adriano, if possible, can you please add hyperlinks to your use case.
> There are lots of references there to projects and initiatives - it
> would be good to link to them if you think it appropriate. Please only
> include links in which you have confidence of reasonable persistence!
> Apart from that and a quick spell check this looks OK to me.
> I've also updated the TTL file.
> Phil.
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