Best Practice 20: Preserve person's right to privacy

One specific comment on Best Practice 20: Preserve person's right to


I am not sure that it is correct to refer to a "person's right to
privacy". I do agree that this is a fundamental human right but I don't
think the best practice is about this right. Rather, the BP is about the
requirement that publication of data respects the law that declares what
you can legally publish about individual persons.


In many countries, it is not legal to publish people's tax returns
(although in some countries it is), but often this does not apply to
people with a public role, like members of parliament or members of
government, whose income and property tax returns must be publicly
available in some countries to fight corruption. In some countries, even
criminal records are public.


Maybe the Best Practice could be called "Respect privacy laws" and the
by-line something like "Data MUST protect personal information to the
extent prescribed by law".


By the way, in BP20, the text in "Why" would fit better under "Intended
outcome" because it outlines the "how" and what is under "Intended
outcome" would fit better under "Possible approach" as it recommends an
approach to ensure compliance with the BP.




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