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%% values, Working UA?

'!important' rules

'%%' unit (plus 'en' unit)

'en' unit (Was: '%%' unit (plus 'en' unit))

'offsetWidth/height' function


**Hot Movie**

::overflow pseudo element


@media in style attribute

@viewport thoughts (was Re: [CSS3 UI] 'resize' property)

[ccs3] What about scrolls in CSS3?

[CSS21] @font-face question

[CSS2] Spec Typo

[CSS3 UI] 'resize' property

[CSS3 UI] Last Call comments

[css3-box] writing mode

[css3-hyperlinks] Comments about the New Draft

[css3-selectors] :contains

[CSS3-Selectors] Question on :empty pseudo-class

[css3-ui] comments

[css3-ui] New Candidate Recommendation: Basic UI

[css3-ui] Zoom cursors

[CSS3] @resolution at-rule

A format for packaging (was: CSS: Extended tiling. Proposal)

A heresy ?

Asses Mpeg's

author-defined color aliases

auto units versus 'auto' value

auto units versus 'auto' value, was Re: vertical-align

Backwards text

box-sizing. Was Re: where is overflow:none ?

calc and the %% was Re: box-sizing.

Colour gradient backgrounds and CSS textures

Colour gradient backgrounds.

Column Styles - CSS3 Proposal

Column Styles - CSS3 Proposal: Erratum


CSS 2.1 vagueness for text-transform

CSS Gradients

CSS Gradients - Take 2

CSS Selectors

CSS Textures

CSS Textures (Was: Colour gradient backgrounds.)

CSS UI 'outline-offset'

CSS3 - The New Frontier article

CSS3 Speech module: Comments and Corrections

CSS3 UI "icon" property

CSS3 UI "resize" property

CSS3: Proposal for image cropping and scaling syntax

CSS: %% / 'calc' length unit

CSS: %% length unit and HTML's MultiLength unit.

CSS: %% length unit. Illustration.

CSS: %% length unit. Proposal.

CSS: %% length unit. Proposal. Some clarifications.

CSS: Extended tiling. Proposal

Double suck (movie)

File - WebCam.mpeg

Fixing the Layout Algorithm (Not %%)

font-family: IPA

getComputedStyl, ViewCSS (and Safari)


I18n review of CSS3 Basic UI

Lesbian & gays Mpeg

MathML and CSS

min-width:auto and max-width:auto proposal / was overflow:none

Multiple Text Decoration Values

My Funny Ass


Optional Style Rules (@option proposal)

padding-box? margin-box? [was Re: Percentage height meaurements.]

Percentage height meaurements.

Percentage height meaurements./ box-sizing


Proposal for Changes to Keyboard Navigation

Proposal: new "auto" value for the "direction" property

Question on parsing of "font" property

Rendering order without positioning

Replaced elements, min/max-width/height, and box sizing


Simiulating frames.

String Pseudo-Element

styles in col & colspan elements

Thanks :)


Video Clip

Virus Alert

where is overflow:none ?

width:auto; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto

YesLogic Prince 3.1

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