Re: Question on parsing of "font" property

> well neither are valid, if I recall correctly, since line-height needs a 
> qualifying <length> value which the literal 2 is not, and if I also 

As I recently discovered, this is not true.  line-height has two domains:

- a conventional length one;
- a pure numnber one.

The number version is interpreted as a proportion of the font-size at the
point of rendering, whereas the other forms are fixed as an absolute 
size at the point that the rule triggers.

In nearly every case, only the purely numeric form is appropriate, as
IE, at least, doesn't consider line-height to be part of the author
specified font-sizes, so use of the length domain causes pages to have
accessibility problems.

Received on Wednesday, 19 May 2004 02:58:05 UTC