Re: styles in col & colspan elements

On 12 May 2004, at 05:50, Bernd wrote:

> Hidden does not apply to cols (IMHO). Please retest with mozilla 1.7a 
> when it comes out, or a recent nightly the visibility:collapse on 
> columns and file the corresponding bugs, if you want them fixed.

Sorry Bernd, i wasn't meaning for that to be a "please fix" email, more 
of a "this is what i find, what do the specs say?" though it sort of 
degenerated towards the end (i had somehow not absorbed this bit when reading that page last 
week). Maybe i can plead temporary insanity :-)

> Calculate the minimum content width (MCW) of each cell: the formatted 
> content may span any number of lines but may not overflow the cell 
> box. If the specified 'width' (W) of the cell is greater than MCW, W 
> is the minimum cell width. A value of 'auto' means that MCW is the 
> minimum cell width.
> Also, calculate the "maximum" cell width of each cell: formatting the 
> content without breaking lines other than where explicit line breaks 
> occur.

I hadn't come across this part of the spec. Maybe I skipped it since it 
looked like it was for implementors only. Don't know, but it smells of 
saying 'we're going to make the specification be whatever has already 
been implemented, so normal rules don't apply here' :-(
If starting with a clean sheet and not having backwards compatibility 
with existing content to worry about, would the specification still say 

I don't understand why a box with style table-cell should not overflow 
like other boxes. Creating an inner div just looks like a work-around.
Codifying existing practice into 'specifications' just seems wrong. I 
notice it also happened with the table border models from CSS 2 to CSS 
2.1 (but the original choice was arbitrary in the first place, and 
separated borders are less flexible since you can't easily put borders 
around rows & columns)

> The minimum content width is larger than 40px so the width will be the 
> larger.
> If you place a div with <div style="width:30px;"><div 
> style="width:200px;">>one two three four five</div></div> You will see 
> how the overflow arising from the inner div is correctly cut.

I downloaded the latest nightly and it works (albeit with a couple of 
minor graphical anomalies) :-)

- Nick.

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