Colour gradient backgrounds and CSS textures

From practical implementation point of view:

rounded corners, text gradient textures, text bitmap textures, etc.
to be properly implemented shall use antialiasing.

Otherwise they will not compete with bitmaps produced by specialised
or SVG pictures.

I mean no one designer will use these CSS features practically without
They will use SVG or bitmaps. Voice from heaven tells me that mostly bitmap
solution will be used.

Let's be realistic:

background-color: color [ color1 color2 color3 color4 ]
background-image: uri [ margins1 margins2 margins3 margins4 [stretch
flags] ]

lightweight, realistic and will cover 90% use cases.

SVG will cover other  as it is designed specifically for that.

dixi :)

Andrew Fedoniouk.

Received on Wednesday, 12 May 2004 15:17:23 UTC