Re: Rendering order without positioning

>Justin Wood wrote:
>>To me it seems that the presentation level spec could/may accomplish this, 
>>though I cannot be too sure for speach-based browsers.
>>Keeping in mind I have not fully read that spec, barely skimmed it.
>Not really what I had in mind, not. That spec does not make any changes to 
>the order of contents, it merely specifies what should be displayed. So no, 
>it doesn't accomplish the same thing.

Well it does and it doesn't based on how I've seen Screen readers work 
today. Screen readers seem to read out the content based on it's visual 
appearance of the content on the screen. I would like to see something that 
allows for reordering of content, but I do believe that any manipulation of 
content like this is in fact transformation and not presentation. Though I 
also believe that moving content on the screen is transformation and not 
presentation (i.e. the order of content is important).

Has anyone considered a transformation module for CSS that doesn't use CSS, 
but rather something a little more XSLT-like. This would include positioning 
and boxing and transformation.

Orion Adrian.

Received on Monday, 24 May 2004 08:42:07 UTC